“Even as an avid athlete, I had gotten used to my ‘as good as it’ll get weight/shape.’ A year ago I made some changes in the kitchen and dedicated myself to regular bootcamp and voila’… A new me emerged! “


“I’m in better shape than I was in college…What I really like is that you have a high intensity workout for 45 minutes and then you’re done for the day…For being a busy mom, that’s Great!”


“I actually used to be really heavy weighing 280 pounds, I’ve lost like about 25 pounds since I started”


“A little less than a year ago I started bootcamp… After about 2 weeks I was hooked…There’s nothing better than having friends who support your journey and encourage you to be healthy”


“I’m 53 years old and I feel stronger than ever, younger than ever, and have more energy than I could have imagined! I wanted to lose weight, what I gained was so much more…a new supportive fitness family!”



“The amount of support this group provides is incredible. B3 makes everyone feel welcome regardless of their fitness level. I’ve managed to lose 35 obs over the last year while gaining friendships. I feel better than ever!”


“After just over a year of choosing to live a healthy lifestyle, I not only love the way I look, but love the way I feel. Being part of a fitness family has imporved my life in so many ways!”