Kerby Lane Cafe

Kerby Lane Cafe is a restaurant chain founded in the 1980s by Nancy Kerrigan. The first location was opened on Anderson Lane and has since expanded to have several locations in Austin, Texas.

The Perfect Foodie Hangout: Kerby Lane Cafe

Kerby Lane Cafe generally offers breakfast and lunch items that are perfect for any foodie looking for a place to hang out.
On the contrary, its first restaurant opened its doors in 1979 at the corner of West 35th Street and North Lamar Boulevard.
Here are a few facts about this local favorite. Keep reading to find out!

How many locations does Kerby lane cafe have?

There are currently 29 Kerby Lane Cafe Locations located throughout Texas. On the other hand, 17 Kerby Lane Cafe Locations are situated in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Why do people love to go to this restaurant?

One of the big reasons is, Kerby Lane Cafe is a Texan food chain, with locations in Austin and all over the state. They are famous for their pancakes (served as part of every meal). However, Kerby Lane has been family-owned since 1966 when its founder was inspired to create his pancake recipe after eating at Grandma’s Pancake House.

What you can find if you visit this restaurant?

The original Kerby Lane Cafe is located in Austin, Texas. The restaurant has made a name for itself among the locals and visitors of this city as one of the best places to go with your family or friends if you are looking for an affordable but delicious meal that will satisfy any cravings. Aside from their food is so good along with maintaining high-quality customer service.

In Conclusion
To sum up, Kerby Lane Cafe is one of the most popular restaurants in Texas, and it’s no wonder why! There’s also one in the city limits of Dallas, and another three just outside of Houston! It seems like people can’t get enough of these delicious pancakes: they’re a must-try!

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